3 Reasons why great presentations lead to success

According to American statistics, “The Fear Of Public Speaking” is THE No. 1 fear of people. Even greater than the fear of death!

This sounds terrifying on the one hand, but on the other hand, it offers a tremendous opportunity for those who overcome this fear!

Because if you dare to speak in public and manage to get your message across, you have an incomprehensible competitive advantage. This is true for to both – the large (presentations on a stage in front of hundreds of people) and the small audiences (dialogues or meetings with a few persons). 

Successful people present (themselves) better

Just think of your every day life and it will become quite obvious, that all successful people in your environment are good at speaking and presenting in public, right? So, why not use this “unfair” competitive advantage and become a convincing “public speaker” yourself?

How to become successful with great presentations & public speaking

Let me explain this by giving you my 3 major reasons. If you are working somewhere around Marketing and Sales, you may have heard of the AIDA model.

AIDA stands for the words

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action (get someone to act)

and describes the typical steps in the marketing and sales process. 2 of my 3 reasons are linked to this.

1. A good presentation attracts attention

This does not mean “to stand out at all costs” (although this is already sufficient in many industries these days). Rather, it is a question of standing out of the crowd. Since most people are afraid to stand up telling their opinion when surrounded by people, you’ll simply get attention, when you just dare to do it. By that, you show that you have something to say and that you can get your message across. If you are afraid that you cannot do that, I can tell you, you can learn it!

According to the AIDA model, standing out means “attracting attention”.

Attention – A good presentation draws attention

It may sound simple, but only if you have the attention of people, they are able to remember parts of your statements. Therefore, it is important to get the attention of the audience at the beginning and keep it up throughout the whole presentation. Once the attention is gone (for example, because your audience gets bored due to simple slides), your chance is gone to drive your audience to take any kind of action.

Interest – A good presentation creates interest

If you got the attention, then you can create interest for your product, your idea, etc. Therefore you need to plan and structure your story well and make sure it contains a convincing central theme and one core message. (Yes, you can learn this as well!). 

Desire – A good presentation arouses desire

When the interest increases, listeners develop a certain desire to learn more about the solution for the problem given. In this moment, your idea or your product will start to be the center of your audience’s interest. Now it is up to you to convert this desire into the last step, namely to move the audience to perform an action (e.g. purchase, etc.).

2. A good presentation moves people (action)

Each presentation should have a “call to action” at the end. If people act upon that, this means they are giving you their YES and they want you to help them! Then you have reached your ultimate goal and now you can set their world and your world on fire! Make a difference in their lifes and in your life!

People who “move” other people by their words are described as charismatic and people are happy to listen to them. Wouldn‘t it be nice if people would say that about you? Thought so. 😉

“Call to Action” however, it is not always a purchase or an action that is immediately visible. It is important that you trigger something (positive) in people so that they remember you and your idea. Because if there is no current demand for your service, there will be no purchase. You will, however, be remembered as soon as a need arises! And that creates long-term success.

3. A good presentation turns you into an expert

We could also summarize the above statements as “If you present well, people will listen to you”. And if you like to listen to someone often, that person automatically gets a sort of expert status, right? And this is how you can become an expert!

You just have to find your voice, stand up and tell it to the world. And sooner rather than later, people will see you as an expert in your field. As someone once told me “there is no expert award commission”. So everybody can become an expert by him-/herself!

Therefore, you need to build your expert status. Giving (free) presentations at events is just one option to do so. There are many other possibilities. You could write a blog, a book, create podcasts, videos and distribute them online.

Back to presentations. Just one lecture or presentation at a prestigious institution (University, XING-Event, Chamber of Commerce, …) will you give you a kind of expert status. And this is easier than you might think. At the Chamber of Commerce (in Austria) for example, you can use the opportunity to hold free lectures at the EPU Forum (in Vienna). On the other hand, you could even organize XING events for your topic and target audience on your own. And I am sure, you will find more options to speak in your environment, if you think for a second.


A good presentation will make people listen to you. This creates more prestige, more reach and influence, and all this ultimately results in more personal and business success. And since many of your competitors fear nothing more than talking in front of people, giving a convincing presentation is your chance to stand out of the crowd of competitors. Use it!


Image source: Photo by Steinar Engeland on Unsplash

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