According to American statistics, “The Fear Of Public Speaking” is THE No. 1 fear of people. Even greater than the fear of death!

This sounds terrifying on the one hand, but on the other hand, it offers a tremendous opportunity for those who overcome this fear! Read more

Presentation is a high-performance sport - there are NO miracles

In springtime, magazines around the world are full of weight-loss tips. No matter where you look, everywhere you’ll find “do this and you loose 10 kg (20 pounds) in a week” or “avoid this to get in shape in 5 days”. All of these tips have one thing in common – they promise miracles just by changing one thing in your life. Do you believe in miracles? No? Good, because miracles don’t happen! But I am sure, you knew that already, right? Read more

Are event organizers responsible for the quality of the keynote and other presentations?

8.55 a.m., the room is fully packed and the audience is waiting in anticipation The conference is about to kick-off with the keynote speech, held by a well-known expert in his field. Many of the people in the audience have come from away and paid a high price to see him live and to be part of an inspiring day full of interesting topics. Read more